About Johanna Siegmann

International award-winning photographer; currently working on a book of notable people with their pets.

Ever since receiving my first camera when I was 10, I’ve been obsessed with light. I had always pictures of everything in sight. Light patterns on the wall, reflections off the water, shadows on the ground – all inspired me to take pictures. But it wasn’t until 2010 that I started discovered “photography”: creating images with depth and story. Or, as the late, great Leonard Nemoy used to call it, “intentional photography”.

Born in NY, and raised in Mexico, my bi-cultural upbringing has resulted in a unique perception of the world, with its accompanying aesthetic and sensitivities. I am primarily a portrait photographer, and my passion is photographing people with their pets.

But I also enjoy a number of other genres, including architecture, travel, abandonment, fantasy/composites, dance, and BTS (“behind-the-scenes” stills for video and movie shoots). I find photography an exploration of life itself. Looking through the lens I seem to see more about people and places, notice details more, remember moments more. Photography may be my job, but it is also my great passion.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, with access to almost unlimited photography opportunities.

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