Every single image on Siegmann Stock is offered on a non-exclusive basis. But sometimes people want or need something just for their own project; something special, that nobody else has. We can handle that, too! With absolutely no deposit, no charge, and NO OBLIGATION to you!

Sounds incredible? It is! This is how it works:

Contact us with your image needs, being as specific as possible (time of day, type of location, with or without people, kinds of activity, etc.). We will do our best to fulfill that vision, then present you with the resulting images. You retain right of first refusal for 10 days on the resulting images. Should you pass on the images, they would simply go into the non-exclusive galleries, where anyone can download and use them. Nothing is wasted.

Accepted images would be paid for at a pre-negotiated fee. Rejected images (only those substantially different from those you selected) would go into the non-exclusive galleries. We even offer an option if you prefer nobody else have ANY versions of your commissioned images.

Naturally, no-obligation commissioned images are not subject to client deadlines and are not guaranteed to be delivered by specific dates. However, we can also provide images with deadline-sensitive assignments, which would be priced like a regular commissioned shoot, with a 50% deposit required to book.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.