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When to Use Stock Photos + When to Use Your Own


Images are essential for drawing readers in; they help break up long text passages and make the information more palatable. 

Some people become aware of stock pictures once they require images for a project. So while many people may immediately see the benefit of stock photographs for creative design and business initiatives, they frequently need clarification about their usage. 

Marketers and company owners typically use stock pictures to fill in the content’s visual gaps. In addition, you may use the free stock photographs on many websites for business purposes.

Understanding Stock Photos

Stock photos are easily accessible pictures with permission for commercial use. You may use these “ready to use” images for numerous projects instead of employing a photographer. 

You need the necessary authorization to use the pictures. Otherwise, you risk facing legal repercussions for taking a picture that isn’t yours.

It is important to stay informed of the license specifics and if attribution is required when utilizing stock photographs online to safeguard yourself from legal action. 

This tutorial, which contains all the details concerning stock pictures and their license, was created to assist you in better comprehending the technicalities.

Situations When You Must Use Stock Images

You may find a tonne of excellent stock photographs to utilize in your amazing content creation for your marketing campaigns, landing pages, or even your eCommerce website. 

One of the greatest methods to use photographs for your project lawfully is to purchase internet images from a stock photo agency. The photographer (image creator) receives payment once their photographs are licensed and downloaded while you browse and download the images.

For A Budget-Friendly Marketing Campaign

Stock pictures are frequently used in campaigns, business initiatives, and commercials. In addition, stock photographs are often far less expensive than a professional photo shoot. 

If feasible, you should work with a photographer to produce unique images for your business. Often, websites like Pixabay or Unsplash provide free stock photos.

Using bought stock images on your website is an economical choice until you have the money to pay someone to shoot unique photographs. 

According to Tihana Drumev of Best Response Media, a premium membership shortens the time required for searching and allows you to use the same kind of photographs consistently. In addition, a minimal fee is required to access paid image sources like Shutterstock, which are accessible as well.

To Maintain Quality, Convenience And Relevance

Stock photos are a quick and simple way to strengthen your brand. These free image sources work as hooks that draw and engage site visitors instead of having no photos at all. The primary benefit of stock photos is that they are simple to use and quick to access. 

It’s simple to lose yourself in stock photography as a beginning photographer and ignore your abilities. 

Editing software is a terrific technique to advance marketing campaigns, conceptual images, etc. If you’re not a skilled photographer, you may take advantage of this as a chance to improve your photography skills.

Situations When You Must Use Your Own Images

An influencer marketing company called Ahalogy assists companies in getting the most out of every marketing dollar they spend. Each company receives 5-10 original photographs while working with Ahalogy, which is only one of the numerous advantages. 

The surge in real, everyday photos is largely responsible for most of the influencer space’s expansion.

To Maintain Originality

Users get the idea of thoughtfulness catered to their own interests when they see real, relatable photographs. Almost everyone will be able to recognize certain stock photographs since they are so well-known. 

Using an original photo enables your company to bargain with or avoid paying prolonged license fees when it comes to product distribution or where the picture is utilized.

You can be a more skilled photographer with pricey gear. However, as a result, more individuals desire to engage with your work. 

You may identify your website and guarantee higher levels of user engagement by employing original photographs. This can have a significant impact on how well your website performs.

For Product Reviews

Original images for customer reviews are essential to increase search exposure and site traffic from search engines. Online product photo evaluations are frequently read and trusted by consumers in the same way they would be by friends or family. Local SEO algorithms consider the weight of such photo reviews in their visibility and rank due to the growing reliability of online photo reviews.

Receiving five-star ratings is not a guarantee of success. Due to their lack of knowledge about its flaws, customers may quit purchasing your goods, raising doubts about it.

The Final Take

Your industry and goals will determine whether you should utilize stock photos on your website. For example, use stock photos only when you need more time or money to invest. 

Think about this substitute if you can’t afford to spend money on unique graphics. Instead, make branded graphics using a DIY design program.

Looking for something special for your own project, that nobody else has? Contact Siegmannstock with your image needs, being as specific as possible (time of day, type of location, with or without people, kinds of activity, etc.). We will do our best to fulfill that vision, then present you with the resulting images.

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